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Two flexible options that are designed to automate your BarraOne workflows


BarraOne offers a choice of tools to automate your BarraOne importing and exporting, depending on your requirements:

BarraOne DataConnect - an easy-to-use, wizard-based workflow tool, designed for use by end users.

BarraOne Developer's Toolkit - a web service API-based tool, designed for use by IT programmers and developers.


BarraOne DataConnect
With BarraOne DataConnect, you can automate the process of importing portfolio holdings and other asset data into BarraOne. In addition, you can run report jobs, download them to a local hard drive or network, and even choose to distribute them via email. Data uploads, report jobs, and downloads can be scheduled to automatically occur at a time that you choose.

Key Benefits

  • Convenience - Refresh portfolio data as often as you like with an easy-to-use, wizard-based workflow. Run any BarraOne reports automatically, as soon as your portfolio data is updated.
  • Integration Flexibility - BarraOne DataConnect works with any portfolio accounting or back-office system, and includes monitoring capabilities for system administrators. In addition, all of the capabilities included in the user interface are also included in 'command line', which is a preferred IT format.
  • Productivity - Portfolio holdings and data are automatically formatted and imported, ready for your analysis. With less data maintenance to worry about, you have more time to spend on your investment decisions and analysis.

BarraOne Developer's Toolkit
If you or your IT department requires direct programmatic access to BarraOne, then BarraOne Developer's Toolkit provides that capability. Using a web service API, BarraOne Developer's Toolkit allows IT programmers and developers to automate the batch interaction process with BarraOne. This can include programmatically uploading user assets, portfolios, portfolio trees and attributes, then generating batch reports, and finally downloading reports from the BarraOne site.

Key Benefits

  • Import Capabilities - Supports all existing import data types within BarraOne (positions, attributes, trees, user assets) via XML format. Once import is complete, BarraOne Developer's Toolkit provides import logs to assist with coverage checks.
  • Batch Export and Download - Supports all existing BarraOne batch export report types, enables running of stress tests and multiple portfolio comparisons, and supports XML, .xls and .csv formats.

To find out more about BarraOne DataConnect or BarraOne Developer's Toolkit, please contact us.