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Helping you align portfolios precisely with your intentions


The BarraOne Optimizer provides a powerful tool for the construction and rebalancing of portfolios. The Optimizer takes full advantage of the Barra Integrated Model, allowing for the optimization of single country, regional, and global portfolios across multiple asset classes. Flexible, customized constraints allow you to control portfolio characteristics with unprecedented precision.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Power - Simultaneously consider the complex relationships between risk, return and turnover.
  • Precision - Constrain portfolios along any combination of Barra or user-defined characteristic or groups.
  • Detail - Build superior portfolios with an eye to the unique sources of risk in each of 56 local markets.
  • Insight - Compare optimized with initial portfolios, and determine what parameters may be limiting your optimization. Easily adjust optimization settings and generate a new optimal portfolio based on your analysis.
  • Convenience - One click to export trades and trade summary for execution.

To find out more about the BarraOne Optimizer, please contact us.